Anesthesia Methods

Southern Georgia Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Hinesville, Waycross, and Douglas Georgia


1) Oral Sedation-Southern Georgia Oral Surgery

     Oral sedation is provided to patients in our oral surgery offices, that present with a high level of dental anxiety.  Dental and oral surgery procedures commonly require oral sedative medication to create a relaxed state for the patient.  At Southern GeorgiaOral Surgery, we typically provide halcion as our oral sedative of choice.  This modality of oral sedation is utilized for adult and pediatric patients, which is effective at the appropriate dosages.   Dr. Myers prefers patients to consume all oral sedatives one hour prior to the procedure with a sip of water.  Oral sedative medications act as a great adjuct to relax an anxious patient prior to a local anesthetic oral surgery or IV anesthesia dental procedure.  The only concerns of this method of sedation is the potential of allergenicity and activation time.

2) IV Sedation-Southern Georgia Oral Surgery

       Southern Georgia Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery prefers to use this method of sedation for all patients experiencing any oral surgery procedures.  Dr. Myers is an oral surgeon who has undergone specialty traing to administer medications intravenously.  IV sedation can be combined with oral forms of sedation take 1 hour prior to your procedure.  IV sedation is a more invasive method of oral surgical anesthesia in which the protective reflexes of the patient are compormised. The medications used with this method can directly affect the heart rate, ability to breath and level of oxygenation.  Proper monitoring is essential while this method of sedation is employed.  All medications are introduced through an IV port and enter directly into the venous bloodstream.  The effect of the medications become apparent within seconds and the body’s response is usually depicted on the monitor readings.  IV sedation allows the introduction of medications before, during and after a procedure.  The most wonderful aspect of this method of sedation is the abilty to reverse the effect of the medication used during an oral surgery procedure.