Sinus Exposure

In some rare instatnces when an upper tooth is removed, the maxillary sinus floor can be violated.  Therefore, instructions for sinus precautions are warranted: 

1.  Do not blow through your nose for 2 weeks

2.  Do not sneeze for 2 weeks.

3.  Apply warm moist heat to the affected sinus(cheek) region.

4.  Take pain medication and antiboitics as prescribed.

5.  If the sinus is prodicing an odor and discharge, please contact Dr. Dr. Myers immediately. 

6.  In some cases a secondary surgical procedure may be required in order to achieve primary closure of the sinus.  This surgical procedure is intended to obliterate the communication between the oral cavity and affected sinus.  Soft tissue closure and the usage of fat or bone graft material is utilized for closure.  Sinus closure may require multiple attempts and must be followed by the oral surgeon closely to ensure success.